Flux protocol is one of the masterpieces that provides smart contracts and applications with easy access to economically guaranteed data sources on-chain. There are basic processes involved to create economically secure data:
1. Data validation is a part of the job which is quite technical as the validator needs to…

Flux protocol recently released their first white paper explaining about the flux oracle core ecosystem. I will try to explain whole whitepaper in a gist form.


The Flux Oracle is a decentralized, cross-chain oracle that aggregates economically-backed data, resolved by a network of validators and created among a community-curated…

Recently, Flux has published an article about the introduction of the Flux Dao. This is actually great news for all the community relied on the Flux Protocol. Let's dig into this announcement to understand why it is important.

Flux DAO is simply the mission control of the whole protocol. It…

Importance of data for Web3
Personal data has been exploited since the beginning of Web2. Most of the leading social media platforms and search engines have ownership of our data. People are losing faith in the technology which controls their data. This is the main reason people are moving forward with…

Saroj Duwadi

I like to talk about the crypto and web3 ecosystem.

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