Flux Protocol: Genuine data provider for blockchain infrastructures

Blockchain infrastructure needs enormous data to process different smart contracts. To leverage this needs Flux protocol is providing the data in a safer and quicker way. All the data that are sent from the protocol is validated to make it more secure. This is the main reason Flux is bringing the Data requesters and Data validators.

Source: FLux Protocol

Real-world data is hard to handle and process because the data are so huge and diverse that it needs to be clustered and selected.

So, why Flux is unique than other protocol with similar functionality.

  1. Flux is the protocol which have the data from various data source like Human, API and Oracles. This means it have huge set of data and all those data can be clustered on the basis of protocol needs.
  2. Flux is only one protocol which is Oracle Aggregator.
  3. Flux protocol consist of community created registry.
  4. Data requester and validator mechanism.

One of the most important feature you would have in Flux protocol is dispute mechanism. It is designed in such a way that the truthful output data are safeguarged and reliable. Flux use the statistical measure, staking and voting to safeguard those output data.

Learn more about the flux handeling data here : https://www.fluxprotocol.org/blog/is-flux-the-best-bet-for-arbitrary-data

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